Edula® ointment is a moisture retentive, wound healing and inflammation inhibiting ointment. It has been registered as a phytotherapeutical ointment.


Calendula primary tincture in ointment base and aqua ad 100 gram.


Edula® ointment is a multi-purpose ointment for wounds, containing Calendula primary tincture prepared from Calendula officinalis or Marigold. Calendula reduces pain an itching in closed skin wounds of all types. It stimulates the healing of skin tissues and prevents excessive scar formation. It softens and reduces existing scars.


Edula® ointment is useful for the treatment of dry and chapped skins, various forms of skin irritation and eruptions, eczema, Herpes zoster and simplex, first degree burns after sunburn or irradiation with x-ray or laser, small sores, cracked nipples, small cut- or stabwounds, grazes and insect bites. Edula® ointment is for external use only!

Instructions for use:

After surgical interventions scar formation can be minimised by applying Edula® ointment after the wound is closed. Apply a layer of Edula® ointmenton a gauze compress twice daily during the first month and once per day during the second month. After the second month, Edula® ointment can be rubbed in gently for five minutes every night. Older scars may be rubbed in with Edula® ointment in the same manner.

For the other applications Edula® ointment should be applied at least once or twice daily as needed.

For cracked nipples, apply Edula® ointment after breast-feed and cleanse the nipple before the next feed.

Use externally only!

Side effects:

Hypersensitivity to Calendula tincture has been reported in some cases. It is recognizable as an itching skin rash often starting with redness. After discontinuation of the use of Edula® the reaction should disappear.


No harmful effects of the use of Edula® during pregnancy have been reported.

Development of Edula® ointment:

Edula® ointment was not tested on animals. Possibly harmful coloring or aromatic substances are not contained in Edula®. The ointment has been dermatologically tested and has proved to be hypo-allergenic.

Ample test programs showed a prolonged effect of Edula®. Medical publications are available at request.

Edula® ointment should be stored at room temperature in the closed container. The ultimate date for use is printed on the tube and the package.

Edula® ointment is available in tubes of 15 and 30 gram.


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Edulazalf littekenzalf, 30 gram tube afgebeeld met doosje
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