Edula® ointment is a moisture retentive, wound healing and inflammation inhibiting ointment.


Calendula primary tincture 8 gram, in ointment base and aqua ad 100 gram.



Edula® ointment is a multi-purpose ointment for wounds, containing Calendula primary tincture prepared from Calendula officinalis (also known as Marigold). It reduces pain and prevents infection of closed skin wounds, which stimulates the healing of the skin. Edula also improves the recovery from first-degree burns, such as sunburns, and simultaneously reduces the pain. After radiation therapy (Rönthen or Laser treatments) Edula helps to reduce pain and itching. After surgery Edula prevents excessive scar formation.


Edula®软膏含有金盏花(Calendula officinalis, 也称为Marigold)萃取成分,是一种用于伤口的多功能软膏。它可以减少痛苦和防止闭合的皮肤伤口感染,从而刺激皮肤的愈合。Edula®软膏也可以加快一级烧伤(如晒伤)的恢复,同时减少疼痛。放射治疗(X射线或激光治疗)后,Edula®软膏有助于减轻疼痛和瘙痒。手术后Edula®软膏可以防止大量疤痕的形成。

Edula® ointment is useful for the treatment of dry and chapped skins, various forms of skin irritation and eruptions, eczema, Herpes zoster and simplex, hyperpigmentation, first degree burns after sunburn or irradiation with x-ray or laser, small sores, cracked nipples, irritated baby bottoms, small cut- or stabwounds, grazes and to prevent excessive scar formation. Furthermore it often helps to reduce the pain and itching after insect bites. Edula® ointment is for external use only!
Usage of Edula for other purposes only after consulting a medical specialist.


Edula®软膏可用于治疗干燥及皲裂的皮肤,各种形式的皮肤刺激和开裂,湿疹,带状疱疹和单纯疱疹,色素沉着,一级烧伤晒伤, X射线或激光产生的刺伤,小疮,乳头皲裂,婴儿受刺激的臀部,小切口或割伤,擦伤,以及防止过度形成疤痕。此外,它还有助于减少蚊虫叮咬后的疼痛和瘙痒。 Edula®软膏只能外用!


Instructions for use:
Edula® ointment is for external use only!
After surgical interventions scar formation can be minimised by applying Edula® ointment after the wound is closed. Apply a layer of Edula® ointment on a gauze compress or tegradermTM, twice daily during the first month and once per day during the second month. Do not rub the ointment in.
For the other applications Edula® ointment should be applied at least once or twice daily as needed. For large areas such as burns, apply Edula® once per day on a gauze compress or tegradermTM. For cracked nipples, apply Edula® ointment after breast-feed and cleanse the nipple before the next feed.



外科手术后可以通过在闭合的伤口上涂用Edula®软膏让疤痕的形成最小化。使用时在纱布(或tegradermTM)涂上一层Edula®软膏, 第一个月每日两次,第二个月每日一次。不要用力揉擦软膏。


Instructions for use after facial laser treatment:
After a laser treatment in the facial area Edula® should be applied immediately and repeatedly. Do not cover the area with a gauze compress.
After several hours, apply a thin layer of Edula® 3-5 times per day during the first 10 days. After this period, apply the Edula® once per day before sleeping, in consultation with your doctor. Do not rub the ointment in!




Side effects:
Hypersensitivity to Calendula tincture has been reported in some cases. It is recognizable as an itching skin rash often starting with redness. After discontinuation of the use of Edula® the reaction should disappear. If the reaction does not disappear, please consult your doctor.



No harmful effects of the use of Edula® during pregnancy have been reported.



In case of burns, only use Edula® for first-degree burns. First-degree burns are characterized by dry, red and painful skin. When the skin is wet or if the skin is white/yellow and numb, do not apply anything, close the wound with sterile gauze and immediately contact a doctor.
Medication should always be kept out of reach from children.




Development of Edula® ointment:
Edula® ointment was not tested on animals. Possibly harmful coloring or aromatic substances are not contained in Edula®. The ointment has been dermatologically tested and has proved to be hypo-allergenic. Ample test programs showed a prolonged effect of Edula®. Medical publications are available at request.



Storage instructions:
Ointment should be stored at room temperature in the closed container. The ultimate date for use is printed on the tube and the package.



Container sizes:
Edula® ointment is available in tubes of 15, and 30 gram.



Additional information for cosmetic use:
Edula® ointment is moisture retentive and regulating and it promotes the exchange of moist between the layers of the epidermis. Edula® ointment protects the aging and dry skin from dehydration.
Due to the aging process, the skin will gradually loose its elasticity. Edula® ointment improves the elasticity of the skin and delays the forming of wrinkles. The ointment has as smoothening effect and stimulates the blood circulation in the skin. The skin regains its flexibility and will feel more pleasant. For closed wounds Edula® prevents infections and reduces the scar formation.
Edula® is suitable for all skin types and is easy to apply. The ointment can be used during the day, but due to the fact that it is easily absorbed, it is also suitable for during the night.





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