Edula® Ointment is used after surgical interventions, for the healing of grazes and other skin injuries. In coloured skins, Edula® Ointment helps to prevent discolouration caused by hypo- or hyperpigmentation after skin injuries

For the increasing number of people suffering from skin complaints – caused amongst others by dehydration or hypersensitivity to preservatives, lanolin and other additives – Edula® Ointment may offer a solution.

Some examples of complaints for which Edula® Ointment has been successfully used are: dry and irritated skin, the lesser types of eczema, first degree burns (caused by sunburn or e.g. radiotherapy), grazes and insect bites.

Edula® Ointment is a moisture retentive, wound healing and inflammation suppressive ointment.

Edula® Ointment has not been tested on animals and does not contain harmful additives such as colorants and preservatives.

Edula® Ointment has been dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic. Extensive studies and tests have shown its long lasting effects. Medical publications are available on request.

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