Scar prevention

From 1986 to 1990, a clinical test programme was carried out on patients with deep grazes and after surgical excision of tattoos.

In over 1,000 patients with a total of 1600 wounds, only 2 allergic reactions to the Calendula contained in Edula® Ointment were found. The symptoms consisted of itching and skin irritation. Tests have shown that adverse reactions will increase when the percentage of Calendula tincture is higher than 8%.

When properly used in conformity with the instructions, 93% in this group of patients were virtually without any scars. In some patients a slight discolouration of the skin was noted.

Of the 7% of patients in whom the results were negative, 4% had neglected the instructions for use. The remaining 3% was found to have a genetic predisposition for the occurrence of hypertrophic and/or keloidal scars.

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